About Us

I’m Sanjay, a Full Stack 360 Developer from India. I love to learn and discover all things Spring , Spring Boot, Spring Security and Linux (Centos7 and Ubuntu 20.04 ) . You can catch me on Instagram and Facebook.

So , I think you are here to know about me . Well , I was basically a person with no goals during my school days . One of my friend asked me to do engineering as I always had an idea of doing something motivating , but never had any information as i was basically from a small town .

Well , I am from CoochBehar , a small City in West Bengal . Lets get back to the story . So , I did my Btech during my Btech days i got really fascinated by Computer . I did my Btech in Computer Science .I never had touched computer before , but i knew one thing as Its Computer i do not need any extra instruments .

So , the Journey and research started from there and it continues till now ……

I started FrugalisMinds with the motive to share whatever i learn everyday .I like to share whatever i learn and help you .

Shoot me an email at frugalisminds@gmail.com . I will be happy to communicate and know each other .