How to Upload File Using Spring Boot and REST


How to Upload File Using SpringBoot and REST:-

In this example, we are going to check how to Upload File Using Spring Boot and REST.We are going to use Spring MultipartFile  to upload file using Spring Boot and REST. 

We are also going to check How to Download using Spring Boot rest services.

Technologies Used:-

  • Spring Boot 2.0
  • Maven 3.0
  • Java 1.8

Project Structure:-

Spring Boot Rest File Upload

Create File Upload Controller:-

We are going to upload a single file and upload it using  MultipartFile .

Let’s configure our Spring Boot application to enable Multipart file uploads and return the name of the uploaded file. Let’s write a request mapping and write a basic REST Controller. This is a sample controller and we will be writing logic later in the section.

We are configuring endpoints as /upload and /upload/{imageId} . We written methods to return random string as well as the file format as we are going to need those while saving file.

Upload Logic:-

getTargetFile()creates a file object using UPLOAD_DIR, filename, and file extension.We are using MultipartFile.getBytes()to save the target file and return target file path in response.

Testing Code:-

Upload File using Spring Boot and REST

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