Github Offers Free Private Repositories

Github Offers Free Private Repositories:-

GitHub is one of the most popular ways to build and share Software that’s what it says. Are you one of those Wish to have a GitHub Private Repositories? 

Here is the tweet that will make you happy now, including me.


Github on 7th Jan announced it is giving users of its free plan to have unlimited Private repositories. That is great news for me being one of the frequent users of GitHub. But with this, there are some restrictions as well.

“Private Repositories on free accounts are limited to three collaborators a piece”

Despite having the collaborator restriction, this will boost a lot of users, small teams, individual’s Working on a personal project to move to GitHub . It is One of the major step taken after Microsoft acquired GitHub.

It’s Worth a Competition with other code-hosting services like Bitbucket and  Gitlab where former provides up to 5 Collaborators and later provides  private repos with unlimited collaborators.

Will this harm what Git is known for  – Ruthless Sharing Of Code  ??

Will I be able to go to Github and Search for open Codes?

Along with this Github also upgraded few of there plans.  Hers is the link if you want to know more about it.